Meet the Municipal Manager


To oversee the administration of and serve as Chief Executive and Accounting Officer of the Municipality.


- Develop and lead an economical, effective, efficient and accountable municipal administration,

- Carry out the task of implementing the municipality's IDP,

- Appointment of staff other than Section 57 appointees, subject to the Employment Equity Act (55) of 1998

- Maintenance of discipline of municipal staff,

- Advise political structures and political office bearers of the municipality,

- Manage communications between the municipality's administration and its political structures and political office bearers,

- Oversee the implementation of Council Resolutions,

- Administer and implement municipal by-laws and other legislation,

- Account for municipal income, expenditure and assets,

- Implement national and provincial legislation applicable to the municipality; and

- Facilitate participation by the local community in the affairs of the municipality.

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